The term “Domestic Relations” is a broad term which may refer to anything from divorce, child
custody, property division, and DNA paternity testing, to interstate enforcement of child
support, to spousal support, to grandparent visitation. As modern American society has grown
more complex, so has the ever-changing body of law known as “domestic relations.” At Sal
Sellaro Culpepper Legal Group, our attorneys have combined legal experience in the field of
domestic relations in excess of 60 years. That experience includes abuse and neglect
proceedings, domestic violence protective orders, non-marital paternity and custody
proceedings, modification proceedings, contempt, and much, much, more. Just as every family
is different, so too is every case before the Family Court. Our broad experience in the Family
Courts and Circuit Courts of West Virginia enables us to better represent your legal rights, and
to protect the interests of those you hold most dear. Contact Sal Sellaro Culpepper Legal Group
to schedule a consultation regarding your unique family, and your unique family problem.