What happens when someone dies without a will? How can you provide for your disabled loved ones after you are gone, without disrupting benefits they receive? How can you plan for the future while protecting the ones you love? Will you have enough to live on? These are all good questions, and they can be frightening to think about. Unfortunately, many people find so much discomfort in thinking about these issues, they just don’t do it at all. They don’t plan ahead. The outcome may be stress and added pain for their loved ones when that day finally does arrive. At Sal Sellaro Culpepper we can help you face those difficult issues by developing an estate plan, preparing a will, preparing a trust, and by examining all of the options available to you. We all face mortality. Planning ahead can help make that mortality less painful for loved ones and can help you to enjoy your life with added peace of mind. Have you planned ahead? Call 304-599-5291 today.